Virtual Reality is a fast growing technology adopted by many industries and people across the world for various kinds of applications, which include games, learning/training applications, marketing, virtual interactive experience and so on. Many global organisations are investing and actively working in this domain. The recent advancements in virtual reality hardware, mobile devices, computers and development software, have enabled many industries to start adopting virtual reality in their projects and thereby created many opportunities for application developers, product developers, content developers, hardware suppliers and system integrators.

SIMLABS is one of the active players in virtual reality based application development, product development and system integration. SIMLABS is actively working on training / learning applications, virtual interactive experience applications, Interactive visualization and marketing applications.


Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Construction Equipment, Real Estate, Healthcare, Gaming, Railways, Education, Business, Oil & Gas, Mining, Shopping, Engineering Industries and Tourism are some of the segments where Virtual Reality based services and solutions can be offered by SIMLABS.


SIMLABS offers virtual reality based services and solutions for various applications such as:

> Maintenance training
> Operational training
> Product manual
> Gaming

> Product visualization
> Concept visualization
> Interactive walkthrough
> Interactive learning content, etc.


Virtual Reality based services and solutions that SIMLABS offers are available in two forms: Immersive and Non-immersive.
Services include content development, tailor made application development, deployment of skilled resource on-site and on-demand.

Virtual Reality based services that SIMLABS offers are available for wide variety of hardware and OS.
Operating Systems : Windows, Web, Android and iOS.
Hardware: Windows PC, Multi-Touch Displays, Pad and Mobile.
VR & Interactive Hardware: Gamepad, HMD, VR Cardboard and Motion Tracker.

SIMLABS partners with System Integrators or Technology Partners, on a case to case basis, to deliver turnkey or competitive solutions. Despite having own teams, some of the system integrators and service providers rely on us to leverage our expertise in 3D Visual Database Development and VR Application Development. It also helps our customers and partners to minimize costs and catch up with schedules.


Virtual Reality solutions offered by SIMLABS include configurable Virtual Interactive Learning (ViL) kit, Immersive Virtual Interactive Learning (iViL) kit, Virtual Interactive Experience Walkthrough (ViEW) kit and Immersive Virtual Interactive Experience Walkthrough (iViEW) kit.

Virtual Reality based solutions (ViL, iViL, ViEW and iViEW) are customizable to specific needs of customer.
Operating Systems: Windows, Web, Android and iOS.
Hardware: Customized hardware.
VR & Interactive Hardware: Gamepad, HMD, VR Cardboard and Motion Tracker.


Research says that adults remember 20 per cent of what they hear, 40 per cent of what they see and hear and 80 per cent of what they see, hear and do. ViL and iViL solutions include all these three: Seeing, Hearing and Doing. Hence, ViL and iViL are very efficient and effective ways of learning.

> Very effective learning methodology
> Increased student throughput
> Lower training or evaluation costs
> Safe learning environment

> Ability to inject faults
> Team/Collaborative tasks
> Multi-Configuration scenarios


ViEW and iViEW are very effective interactive visualization environments. Some of the benefits of these kits are as follows:

> Run-time interaction with content
> Run-time changes to look and feel of the content
> Add or remove parts/objects run-time
> Change position, orientation and size of contents
> Pre-view the system