SIMLABS is an active player in visual simulation market. SIMLABS offers both services and COTS software. The services offered by Simlabs primarily include 3D models development, 3D terrains development and 3D application development. It represents global simulation technology developers, to support customers across Indian territory with advanced visual simulation COTS software.


Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Construction Equipment, Urban Development, Gaming, Research Institutes and Railways are some of the segments where Visual Simulation services and solutions can be offered by SIMLABS.


SIMLABS offers visual simulation technology based services and solutions for wide variety of applications across various segments. The partial list of applications include:

> War Gaming
> Sensor Simulation
> Pilot Training
> Electronic Warfare Simulation
> UAV/UAS Simulation
> Driving Simulation
> Engine Room Simulation
> Aircraft/UAV System Development

> HMI Displays Simulation
> Weapon Training
> Mission Rehearsal
> Embedded Displays
> Infrastructure Planning
> Sand Room Simulation
> Air Traffic Controll Simulation
> Entertainment/Gaming, etc.


SIMLABS offers high-quality, cost-effective and flexible simulation technology services. The partial list of visual simulation services that SIMLABS offers:

> 3D Models development
> 3D Terrain development
> Visual application development

> Desktop simulator development
> Onsite and offshore development
> Deployment of skilled resources

SIMLABS partners with System Integrators or Technology Partners, on a case to case basis, to deliver turnkey or competitive solutions. Despite having own teams trained on simulation technologies, some of the visionary OEMSs, system integrators and service providers rely on us to leverage our expertise in 3D Visual Database Development and Application Development. It also helps our customers and partners to minimize costs and catch up with schedules.


SIMLABS offers advanced, high-quality, cost-effective and flexible simulation technology solutions to a large spectrum of applications. SIMLABS represents global simulation technology developers, in India. Categories of COTS software that SIMLABS offers:

> 3D Terrain modeling software
> 3D Object modeling software
> Flight dynamics software
> Sensor simulation software

> War gaming/EW software
> HMI/Displays software
> Ocean & water simulation SDK
> Sky & cloud simulation SDK

COTS Software represented by SIMLABS:

> Trian3DBuilder
> Remo 3D
> FixedWingLib CGF
> RotorLibCGF
> FixedWingLib FDM
> RotorLib FDM

> Sensor Pack
> GL Studio
> SilverLining
> Triton


Trian3DBuilder (from TrianGraphics, Germany)
Trian3DBuilder is an innovative and intelligent terrain database generation software. Trian3DBuilder enables user to create large-scale detailed areas for real-time applications based on image, height and vector data in hours. Read more...

Remo 3D (from Remograph, Sweden)
Remo 3D is an advanced and cost-effective tool for creating and modifying 3D models intended for real-time visualization. Remo 3D's primary file format is OpenFlight. Read more...

FixedWingLib CGF (from RT Dynamics, Germany)
FixedWingLib CGF offers high-fidelity maneuvers for air combat, close air support, ATC and other real-world military and civil manned and unmanned fixed wing operations. Read more...

RotorLib CGF (from RT Dynamics, Germany)
RotorLib CGF is a real-time C++ SDK for simulating rotary wing computer generated forces. RotorLib CGF control technology provides physics based helicopter models for CGF entities in real-time simulations. Read more...

FixedWingLib FDM (from RT Dynamics, Germany)
FixedWingLib FDM is a real-time C++ airplane flight dynamics SDK for flight training devices and flight simulators. FixedWingLib FDM includes a reconfigurable fixed-wing flight dynamics model. Read more...

RotorLib FDM (from RT Dynamics, Germany)
RotorLib FDM is a real-time C++ helicopter flight dynamics simulation library for flight training devices and flight simulators. RotorLib FDM includes a mathematical model which can be reconfigured for specific helicopter type. Read more...

EWAWS (from RT Dynamics, Germany)
EWAWS is a standalone real-time C++ library for radar, electronic warfare and weapon dynamics simulation. It provides ready to use and reconfigurable models for various weapons and EW equipment. Read more...



Sensor Pack (from JRM Technologies, USA)
GenesisMC: Genesis is an advanced-algorithm and semi-automated software tool for creating materially-classified-maps from remote-sensed terrain imagery or RGB-textured 3D models - complete with physical properties and boundary conditions for realistic physics-based sensor simulations.
SigSim: SigSim is an advanced signature synthesis and atmospheric propagation runtime library for radiometrically-correct sensor displays and Out-the-Window (OTW) visuals.
SenSim: SenSim is an advanced sensor modeling toolkit and run-time library for real-time sensor effects simulation of any optical sensor in the EO or IR pass band. Read more...

GL Studio (from Disti Corporation, USA)
GL Studio is a graphical development tool that enables users to create high fidelity, feature-rich 2D and 3D graphical interfaces for a wide range of product uses and domains. The tool can be used for development of HMI and infotainment applications for personal computers, embedded systems and safety critical systems. Read more...

SiMAX/SSG (from HarTech, Israel)
SiMAX/SSG is an advanced constructive simulation solution for war gaming, training and analysis. SiMAX (SSG) is a complete simulation solution for joint operations and it is a fully customizable and cutting-edge CGF tool. Read more...

SilverLining (from Sundog Software, USA)
SilverLining produces accurate skies for any given time and location, fast and automatically. Also, produces real volumetric, 3D clouds at real-time. SilverLining integrates into most engines with just a few lines of code. Read more...

Triton (from Sundog Software, USA)
Triton produces fast, realistic 3D Ocean and Water for OpenGL and DirectX developers. Produces automatic 3D oceans for any sea state, plus ship wakes. Triton can be quickly integrated with major simulation & gaming platforms. Read more...